Dental Thermography and Systemic Disease        Some dentists have long claimed a relationship between oral bacteria and breast cancer. The pictures to the left exemplify how the bacteria spread through the lymphatic (immune) system and can enter the breast. This case example is one of many that show the importance of the whole body relationship. Full body thermography can give valuable information not only for the breast but the inter-relation of the whole body.


Breast Cancer Diagnosed with Breast Thermography Screening        This patient was diagnosed with a 2.4 cm tumor behind the right nipple after breast thermography screening. She had been for several mammograms that had missed this. Mammography misses up to 20% of tumors overall, and is ineffective statistically in women with dense breasts. Breast thermography is the test of choice for women with dense breasts and women under 50 years of age.


What is thermography?  Breast Thermography is a radiation-free state-of- the-art screening procedure that captures heat images of the breast to aid in the early detection of cancer and fibrocystic breast disease. As a tumor grows it develops a blood supply that emits heat that is detected on a modern infrared device as seen below. Thermography can establish overall breast health and is an excellent test for assessing fibrocystic breasts and response to treatment. In the images below the heat surrounding the nipple emits excess heat, a function of angioneogenesis.

In addition to breast screening, we can also perform screenings for full body thermal imaging, thyroid issues, hormonal imbalances, abdominal inflammation, cerebrovascular, systemic conditions, spinal, lymphatic dysfunction and dental.

Thermography has been used for breast cancer detection since 1956.  It was cleared by the FDA in 1982 as an adjunctive procedure for breast cancer screening.  There are over 800 published studies in peer-reviewed journals about thermography of the breast alone.  Most of these articles show the success rate of breast thermography greater than 90%.  

A very important area of consideration is the neglected category of women under the age of 40. There are over 20,000 case of breast cancer in this age group each year in the USA.  When cancer occurs in a younger woman it is usually a much more aggressive form, and less likely to respond to treatment.  There is currently no routine screening test for women under 40, and thermography is a perfect test for these women as there is no radiation from the exam.  Annual exams are recommended starting at 20 years of age.

Eden Chiropractic is pleased to announce we offer thermography.  We are one of the few places in Iowa that offer this service.  

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